The Third Degree

This dramatisation explores a culture of safety in the fast-paced hospitality sector. Inspired by a real incident, this story illustrates how even the smallest action, or inaction, can have the greatest impact when it comes to keeping colleagues safe.

Our team of employees and agency staff do their best to ensure a quality service for their client, however a sequence of events plays out that ultimately has life-changing consequences.

Risk Awareness | Communication | Pressure & Expectations | Culture


THOMAS: She..I don’t know whether she slipped on the floor, or whether she just didn’t have a proper hold of the tray. But it tipped. She was looking up. And the hot liquid just…poured onto her face. I called for Maria to help and she brought cold water for the burns. Deirdre was in a lot of pain. Maria called for an ambulance and thankfully the paramedics were so quick.

MARK: You said Deirdre may have slipped on the floor.

THOMAS: I wasn’t sure. She may have. The dishwasher was leaking. I told people to keep mopping the floor.

MARK: What was Deirdre wearing on her feet?

THOMAS: I didn’t notice.

MARK: You must have a policy on workwear.

THOMAS: Yes but – I didn’t notice what she was wearing that day.

MARK: Did you have a safety briefing before you started work?

THOMAS: We sort of go through stuff as we need to.

MARK: So no pre-job briefing.

THOMAS: It’s a kitchen, not a building site.

MARK: It’s a workplace with clear hazards.

THOMAS: This was a freak accident.

MARK: It would appear so far that what happened was predictable and preventable.