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Irish Rail - Safety Training 2023 team Jim, Laura and Martin

Back on Track

February 2023

The new year has brought a host of new beginnings for Theatre at Work, not least the start of a new suite of safety programmes for our client Irish Rail. Building on the work we’ve carried out for them since 2019, these three new programmes will deliver a strong safety message about individual responsibility and empowerment. One of our main points of focus is speaking up and reporting concerns to create a safe working environment for everyone, across all levels in the organisation. Workshops will be delivered to all staff and contractors working for Iarnród Éireann across the country in support of their proactive safety culture. Pictured are our team members Laura, Jim and Martin in rehearsals for one of the programmes at our brand new Operations Office at 6 Ellis Quay, D07 P8YT.

John Paul Construction - Construction Safety Week - November 2022

Construction Safety Week

October 2022

Construction Industry Federation (CIF)‘s Construction Safety Week is always a busy time of the year for us here at Theatre at Work and this year was no different. One of the main themes of this year’s #CIFSafety22 was Strong Voices, Safe Choices, and we worked with multiple companies with this in mind, encouraging workers on the front line to feel empowered to step in, speak up, and work together to stop anything that exposes a safety risk. This month we have had the great pleasure of working with clients in construction Flynn Construction, Walls Construction Limited, Elliott Group, John Paul Construction, Jan Janssens and Fajon Construction. Pictured left is a great team snap from the end of one of our sessions of ‘Fallout‘, which is based on a real incident working at height.  Thanks to all of our teams and our clients for making Construction Safety Month such a great success. Contact us here for more information on any of our programmes designed specifically for the construction sector.

The Probation Service of Ireland - Leadership and Management Workshops

Management and Leadership Influence

August 2022

Last year we delivered a bespoke online programme on Effective Communication Skills for The Probation Service of Ireland, and this month we were delighted to be invited back to deliver the programme live at their Haymarket office for their new teams. Communication is at the heart of the important work the agency does and our programme focused on people management and interpersonal skills using the Theatre at Work Effective Conversation Process. Techniques employed included tailored scripted scenarios, forum theatre and skills practice where participants received feedback and coaching on their own style and approach. These interactive sessions bring into sharp focus the skills of influencing others and led to the development of a further programme on Effective Leadership. We are delighted to deliver this new online programme for The Probation Service using bespoke film clips which allow exploration of authentic leadership, bases of power and leading through influence. For more on our programmes for leaders and managers contact us.

Farm Safety Training with Dairygold farmers

Farm Safety Training Programme

May 2022

We’re busy at work this month delivering our new Farm Safety training programme. Last week we delivered a live workshop to over 100 Dairygold famers in Co. Cork and we were delighted with the positive response.  The workshop is centred around a story of a farmer and his daughter and the participants are encouraged not only to get involved with the characters directly, but also to take time to reflect and discuss their own real world situations in regards to safety.  The workshop was delivered as part of the Safe Farm project championed by Teagasc. We are also busy at work creating an interactive online/virtual element to the workshop which will be rolled out in the next couple of months.  Read more about the Co. Cork workshop in the Farmers Journal here.  If you would like to talk to us about your own tailored Safety solution, please Contact us today to discover more about how we can help your safety culture develop.
Walls Construction Ireland - Logo with background of Ballymun North Quarter Building

Walls Construction Bespoke Safety Programme

April 2022

This April we’re delighted to be working with Walls Construction one of Ireland’s leading construction companies. We have created a bespoke programme consisting of multiple elements with a focus on Safety Conversations, Responsibility, Influencing Others and Creating a Positive Safety Message. Working with participants who are responsible for influencing safety on Walls’ many construction sites we are delivering an Engagement workshop focused around one of our most popular and effective dramatisations, Overloaded; a separate Forum Theatre workshop where participants are encouraged to guide others on effective conversations; and a final Skills Practice Workshop where our participants are asked to take on the conversations themselves. Contact us to discuss the design of your own tailored Safety solution or take a look through some of our existing programmes today.

A Safe New Year

January 2022

We are kicking off the new year with a new list of programmes designed to keep you safe and well wherever you work. Based on trends and requests over the past year, we now have a range of live onsite and online options for all teams; based remotely, in the office or operational. We’re particularly pleased to announce three brand new programmes in various formats. ‘Stay With Me’ explores complacency and is based on a tragic Irish incident, with onsite and online formats now available. ‘The Science of Work’ addresses ergonomics, an increasingly important area for all staff, also available onsite and online. ‘Tenerife 583 is a challenging new programme for safety leaders, based on a live multimedia dramatisation of the aviation disaster in 1977. Of course our existing programmes remain popular so check out our new listing to see the formats available for each one – download a copy here or contact us for more information.

Glanbia Ireland

Glanbia Online Programme For Managers

November 2021

How much more effective and impactful can our conversations be when we start from a place of genuine and authentic concern for all of our colleagues? Can approaching our safety conversations with a Care vs Compliance model lead to a more positive safety message? These are just some of the central themes that we are disucssing on our Online Programme For Managers for Glanbia Ireland this month. A few weeks ago we spent a fantastic day at Glanbia’s Wexford plant filming two short films highlighting different aspects of management responsibility and conversations. These films now form part of this online programme where we are working with a fantastic group of Glanbia managers disucssing how they can make an authentic impact with their safety conversations.
Contact Us now to learn more about our bespoke, interactive online programmes.
CIF Collen Construction Safety Week Filiming

CIF Safety Week Filming

October 2021

This week we were hosted by Collen Construction at their Two South County construction site as we filmed a series of short films for the upcoming Construction Industry Federation Safety Week.  The films will revolve around a series of important safety themes highlighting the impact of each through a short film designed to raise awareness and start conversations about safety, health and overall wellbeing in work and in life.
CIF Safety Week, which runs this year from October 25th – October 29th, aims to eliminate accidents at work and to drive continual improvement in safety and health performance.  The themes this year are Drive Safe this Bank Holiday, Mind Your Health, Work Safe at Height, Safe Lifting / Safe Plant, and Managing Hazardous Energies.  Our series of short films on each of these themes will be released online throughout safety week so keep an eye on your social accounts.  #CIFSafety21

Coming Soon – Stay With Me

October 2021

What would you anticipate on your first day at work? To get home safely? Our case-study is based on the true and tragic story of a young man losing his life within hours of starting a new job. How could such a terrible event happen and shouldn’t any risks to health and safety have been anticipated? The Irish courts held the organisation accountable for failings in information, instruction, supervision and in their safe system of work. HSA statistics tell us that almost half of work-related deaths in Ireland involve vehicles, with common issues including proximity and loss of control. This story highlights the risks around moving vehicles, plant and machinery and the potential consequences of failing to take safety seriously. Click here for more details about our latest workshop which launches in October 2021.

Outdoor Theatre at Work for Veolia UK

August 2021

We were delighted to continue in our work for Veolia UK by launching their new workshop live in the wonderful outdoors of Staffordshire. To support their ‘Think Safe’ culture a dramatised scenario explored the risks around excavations, designed to highlight individual responsibility for safety and the positive influence of safety conversations. Groups of 20 delegates attended to experience the live and interactive workshops which were hosted by JCB at their demonstration quarry. Pictured is one of our team Dylan outside in the performance area preparing for the events.

Managing People in Testing Times – Workshop Launch

April 2021

More than ever people at work need to be engaged and supported. As the landscape continues to change, having regular and effective workplace conversations is critical for your people and for your business. Our new online workshop in the Conversations at Work series is designed to equip your managers when challenges arise. A dramatised workplace scenario, using film and live enactment online, illustrates the importance of effective communication; exploring approaches that work and highlighting potential challenges. High on interaction and practical application, participants will learn techniques and gain feedback on their own style and approach. Duration of the standard workshop is 90 minutes and bespoke options are also available for full interaction and lasting impact. Register here for your FREE place at our online launch event on April 27th.
Psychology of safety head and brain

Psychology of Safety – Online Workshop

January 2021

Why do people break rules? What leads to different perceptions of risk? Offering a fresh approach to engage your people in safety, this month we launch a new online programme relevant to personal safety, process safety and adherence to Covid-19 protocols. Content is designed to raise awareness of risk-taking behaviours and understand how even the most well-intentioned among us can be susceptible. We explore the psychology of human factors in everyday terms using filmed dramatic scenarios with live and interactive facilitation, drawing from the work of psychologist Daniel Kahneman and safety scholar Sidney Dekker. This programme is suitable for teams at all levels and focuses on risk, responsibility, and complacency. Facilitation can be tailored specifically for your sector or group. Email directly for more information or contact us here.

Challenging Conversations Webinars

November 2020

Throughout November and December we will be continuing our highly successful series of FREE webinars on a number of different topics.  On November 27th and December 4th, we will be delivering our ‘Challenging Conversations’ webinar.   These free webinars offer key techniques to help you connect with colleagues and create stronger, more productive working relationships. Gain insights into the best way to handle those challenging workplace conversations including moments of conflict or emotion. We use a dramatised workplace scenario, delivered through film, to illustrate the importance of effective communication; exploring approaches that work and potential pitfalls. Participants will gain tips, techniques and skills which they can combine with their own style to support them in their roles at work.  You can find more information and all booking details for all of our upcoming webinars here.

Construction Safety Week Filming

Construction Safety Week Films

October 2020

We are delighted to have produced the daily films for Construction Safety Week this year, working with the Construction Industry Federation. #CIFSafety20 runs from October 19th-23rd and each day a different theme is supported by the construction industry in Ireland. The collective mission for the week includes eliminating incidents on sites and promoting a healthy culture of sharing lessons and best practices in safety, health and wellbeing. The schedule can be found here and we are very pleased to play our part in supporting what is the largest national campaign run in the construction industry. Each day our films follow ‘Thomas’ and ‘Patrick’ in different situations on site, as each theme becomes important to them. We are grateful to our wonderful cast and crew and to John Paul Construction for providing the location for our shoot.

Conversations at Work – Free Webinars

September 2020

We all have conversations every day yet how often do we stop to consider the impact of our conversations on others, particularly at work? Following the success of our free ‘Conversations at Work – Covid-19’ webinars we are adding more to this series. Subjects include Managing Performance, Safe Behaviours, Influencing Others and Challenging Conversations. You can learn more and book your free virtual seat by visiting our contact page. We look forward to seeing you there.
Icos Skillnet

Webinars for the Covid-19 Workspace

August 2020

This month ICOS Skillnet launch a series of webinars for their members entitled ‘Doing Well in the Covid-19 Workspace’. Produced and presented by Theatre at Work using filmed scenarios, three pre-recorded webinars are designed to foster understanding, enhance communication and support everyone in being their best at work. This is important now and over time as effective working relationships and bolstering of mental and emotional strength can help everyone navigate a shared route through the pandemic.
We are also pleased to announce our own free webinar ‘Conversations at Work: Covid-19’ taking place on September 8th. This short webinar offers important insights into what enables an effective workplace conversation as we work through Covid-19 together. To book your free place email or you can book your own virtual seat using this link.
Theatre Still at Work - Collon Safety 2029

Socially Distanced Theatre at Work

June 2020

It was fantastic to be back in action delivering our safety programmes live in-room thanks to Collen Construction and all the crew at their DAA project site.  Using one of our Irish case-studies audience discussion focused on key themes of risk-perception, responsibility, procedures and maintaining a safe workplace including Covid-19 compliance. With around 45 participants at each workshop full interaction was enabled while ensuring social distancing and the safety of everyone present. These live events, alongside our new virtual workshops and films, continue to support our clients in staying safe as Ireland reopens for business with additional C-19 risks to assess. The same human factors apply such as situational awareness and avoiding complacency, so get in touch to learn more about how we can support you.
Virtual Theatre at Work

Virtual Theatre Online

May 2020

This month we announce the addition of virtual elements to our theatre-based toolkit. We have adapted our approach to provide learning programmes in all subject areas using broadcast quality films and live, online workshops. We also use these films as part of online programmes, as an alternative to live streamed virtual theatre performances. Online programmes enable facilitated discussion around attitudes, behaviours, communication and influencing. As the country gradually eases back into work, we have also designed new programmes to support the cultural change needed with Covid-19. All companies need to address this behavioural change and we use virtual theatre to enable this in your organisation, wherever you are located. Details can be found here and check out a sample film here.

Covid-19 Awareness Video

April 2020

With the COVID-19 crisis having an ever-increasing impact we are each learning about our own responsibility in this fight and how our choices can make a difference. As behaviour is our business we have created a film which we hope will help. Styled in a similar way to our theatre-based workshops this short film is designed to support organisations in keeping staff safe wherever they are currently based. The key message is individual responsibility around COVID-19, aimed at highlighting the consequences of our choices at work and at home. We have decided to make this film freely available so contact us for a copy.  There is a webinar option for interactive, remote access discussion which we can facilitate or we can create a bespoke film for your organisation, so get in touch to learn more.

Farm Safety Programme

January 2020

A new year and a new programme in development to support safety on Irish farms. According to the HSA, statistics for 2019 continue a worrying trend with the level of incidents in agriculture remaining high. This month Theatre at Work are proud to have a new programme in development which will support the HSA in improving behavioural safety on farms and will launch at their conference later this Spring. The programme has been made possible with the support of our client Glanbia who will host the workshops at their regional sites, along with ICOS Skillnet. Pictured are our team Martin, Barry and Dylan with Eilis Nolan from Glanbia Ballyragget following a successful run of our Safety Conversations programmes for their teams.


Seasons in the Sun

September 2019

As the season shifts we’re ramping up for a busy Autumn ahead with programmes in full swing across the country. We couldn’t bid farewell to Summer without mentioning the successful launch of our new programme ‘Take Care’ designed specifically for clients in pharmaceuticals, technology, engineering or any manufacturing industry. The workshop is inspired by an Irish incident and explores safety systems including permit-authorisation and lockout-tagout. In highly regulated industries what prevents a safe system of work from being effective? Launched this Summer we have since delivered the programme for clients in Dublin and Cork. Pictured are the team Martin, Donal and Ethan enjoying a well-earned break in Little Island.


Irish Rail Safety and Performance

July 2019

This month we begin development of new programmes in safe behaviours and performance management for client Iarnród Éireann who are currently making significant developments in trains, stations and the rail network aimed at expanding and improving services. Our programmes are being designed specifically for their teams in Infrastructure and Operations to enhance their safety culture nationwide. We are also applying our interactive and practical theatre-based techniques to performance management workshops for managers across the organisation. For more information on how our methods can support your culture and the performance of your people get in touch, or drop in to see us at our new base in Arbour Hill.

‘The Bridge’ Launch

February 2019

On February 27th Engineers Ireland will host our launch of ‘The Bridge’ which explores workplace bullying. The HSA states that bullying can potentially leading to safety, health and legal problems with significant consequences for victims and for organisations. Guest speaker Patricia Murray, HSA Organisational Psychologist with national remit for workplace bullying, will join us to outline the supports available. ‘The Bridge’ is designed to enable understanding of the issue for groups at all levels, exploring the human factors at play. The launch event will be of interest to those responsible for Human Resources, Cultural Change, Health & Safety and Training & Development. More information and registration details are on the Engineers Ireland website

Workplace Bullying

November 2018

This month we were privileged to present at the National Conference on Workplace Health. Working with the Health and Safety Authority we presented a case-study on workplace bullying which used theatre to engage delegates and enable plenary discussion. Our scripted scenario used research on culture and bullying and drew on the experience of the HSA in occupational psychology. Bullying can have devastating consequences for victims and also for organisational effectiveness; the WHO Healthy Workplaces model discusses leadership engagement and our workshop encourages organisations to engage with the issue and manage it. Support is available on the HSA website. Get in touch with us for details of our programme.

Safety in Numbers

October 2018

October brought a strong safety focus as we supported Construction Safety Week run by the Construction Industry Federation, EU Healthy Workplaces Week and the hosting by the Commission for Railway Regulation of the International Railway Safety Council conference in Dublin. As part of these safety initiatives this month our programmes were delivered for clients Abbott, Fluor, Veolia, Regeneron, Mac-Group, Dornan, Kirby, Irish Rail, PRC and Amazon with great results. Our hard-working team enjoyed every moment and we are privileged to spread the safety message in our work, so let’s keep the safety conversation going.


Commercial Skills – Sales and Networking

August 2018

We’re pleased to continue our work with client ESB and this month we’re continuing to support the Smart Energy Services team. SES offers a range of sustainable solutions to reduce the energy costs of large businesses. Last year we delivered sales skills workshops for the newly formed team and this season we’re building their business networking abilities using our theatre-based approach. Our commercial skills programmes enable insights, learning and skills development in a very practical way focusing on human factors and interpersonal skills in areas like sales, influencing, negotiation and customer service. Contact for more information.


Construction Safety – Human Error

June 2018

This month saw our safety workshop ‘Only Human’ delivered for client Collen Construction and their subcontractors during two events at their client site in Dun Laoghaire.  Set in construction, the play allows exploration of some of the key human error traps from individual and cultural perspectives.  Staged in the round for dynamic group interaction, participants have the opportunity to undertake a practical safety observation and engage in a safety conversation with the characters.  You can find an extract from the play here or contact for details on how facilitation can be tailored for your group.


Tesco UK Safety Leadership

April 2018

Our work with Tesco continues this month and we’re delighted to include a programme for their UK leadership team.  A unique programme of events are currently in development which focus on safety leadership for senior team members across the UK, using bespoke theatre scenarios designed to engage and challenge.  Events are delivered in association with our UK-based colleagues AKT Productions.   For information on creating a bespoke programme for your organisation contact


Abbvie Safety Conversations

February 2018

This month we’re very pleased to be back in Sligo with Abbvie to deliver a programme enabling effective safety conversations for all staff across their manufacturing site in Ballytivnan.  Our work with Abbvie included two distinct elements designed to engage all levels in safe behaviours and encourage a proactive approach to sustaining safety culture.  The first element used a safety play to engage participants and the second element harnessed that momentum by exploring individual influence and impact on safety culture through daily interactions and conversations.


EPA Behavioural Safety Programme

October 2017

This month we are very pleased to deliver a safety programme for the Environmental Protection Agency.  With workshops taking place at regional locations around the country, everyone from field staff to senior leadership will have the opportunity to consider their role in influencing safety culture at work.  Theatre at Work established safety plays ‘Overloaded’ and ‘Deepwater’ will form the basis of each workshop and groups can apply resonant lessons from these incidents to their own working environment.


Veolia Bespoke Programme Development

August 2017

Following an event delivered for Veolia Ireland earlier this year, we are delighted that the company has commissioned their own bespoke safety programmes to foster an integrated approach to managing safety and risk.  Currently in the works are programmes to engage all staff in their cultural vision and to facilitate the development of safety conversations skills.  We kick off in London next month with a series of workshops for their environmental services division, delivered with the support of our UK associates AKT Productions.  If you seek assistance in engaging staff in your cultural vision, get in touch to learn how we can help.


‘Fallout’ Safety Programme Launch

June 2017

We are pleased to launch a new safety play which focuses on key themes and issues particularly relevant to contruction and engineering contractors.  Based on a real incident which happened in Ireland working at height, ‘Fallout’ explores some of the human factors that influence a culture of safety on site including effective planning, contractor dynamics and safety conversations.  Highly engaging and interactive, the official launch of this piece took place at the Irish Wind Energy Association Safety Conference in Naas on June 7th and we were delighted to be part of the conference.


Tesco Stores Safety Programme Launch

April 2017

This year client Tesco Ireland commissioned their own, bespoke workshop to explore behavioural safety in their stores and we’re delighted that this month the programme was launched to store managers from all over Ireland.  Designed to support store teams in their ongoing work keeping staff and customers safe ‘Under One Roof’ was written specifically to illustrate the retail store environment and the workshop used our interactive methods to explore themes of responsibility, intervention and safety culture.  These initial events coincided with the launch of Tesco’s own safety culture model and more workshops are planned for store staff around the country.  Pictured are actors Dylan, Jemma and Paul who brought the interactive play to life.


Dublin Site Safety Programme

February 2017

This month saw the beginning of a series of workshops delivered for construction company J.J.Rhatigan who are leading the way in site safety. The programme is designed to challenge the attitudes and mindsets of their teams and contractors and ensure everyone knows they have a part to play in influencing a culture of safety.  Theatre at Work favourite ‘The Mousehole’ was delivered to over 120 site staff at Project Trinity in Dublin and further sites will experience the programme in the months ahead.


Morning Ireland RTE Radio 1 Features Theatre at Work

December 2016

Morning Ireland chose to feature our work in safety on their programme on December 12th.  Their reporter Justin McCarthy highlighted the incidence of workplace fatalities in Ireland and the use of our methods to educate workers.  Listen to the programme segment below.  Theatre at work can overcome a key change in culture change; it enables buy-in to the benefits of safe practices by generating understanding of why they are important and gives participants valuable insights into workplace behaviour, including their own.

Construction Industry Federation ‘Terminal’ Programme Launch

November 2016

We are delighted to work with the Construction Industry Federation on the launch of a unique behavioural safety programme for the Irish construction industry.  ‘Terminal’ is an interactive safety play based on a true story which explores responsibility, rules, intervention and the human factors that can influence a culture of safety on-site.  The story illustrates a major incident during the construction of an airport terminal extension, when both principal and sub-contractors were under pressure to get the job done.  The event takes place on November 23rd in Dublin and is funded by the Contruction SME Skillnet Training Network.  For more information get in touch with us or contact the CIF of the Construction SME Skillnet.


‘Overloaded’ Safety Programme Launch

October 2016

Following months of development we’re pleased to launch our first safety play inspired by an Irish workplace incident.  ‘Overloaded’ illustrates the influence pressure and workplace stress can have on risk awareness, exploring how failings in judgement and failing to maintain a safe system of work can lead to a workplace fatality.  Through live interaction and facilitated discussion we see what can be learned from this story; exploring how factors line up, behaviours merge and signals are missed leading to tragic consequences for a hard-working family man.  The launch event is hosted by Engineers Ireland to mark European Health and Safety Week 2016 and takes place on October 26th.  If you’d like to attend please get in touch.


Pharmaceutical Sales Call Quality

September 2016

This month we had the pleasure of working with Ashfield Healthcare and our old friends and colleagues at GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals at a learning event aimed at developing the skills of their sales teams.  Using our experience working in the pharmaceutical industry, our actors brought patients young and old to life, illustrating symptoms, emotions and typical patient behaviours in interactions with doctors and practice nurses.  This innovative learning event delivered by Ashfield Healthcare provided a forum for GSK sales teams to explore patient behaviours and gain new insights into the needs of healthcare professionals.  For more information on how we can support similar events please get in touch.


Ervia ‘Work Safe Home Safe’

July 2016

This month sees the completion of a series of behavioural safety events delivered for client Ervia marking the launch of their ‘Work Safe Home Safe’ strategy which sets out their vision for health, safety and well-being across Irish Water and Gas Networks Ireland.  Our workshops were rolled out nationwide, engaging over 1,300 staff in this vision which puts safety at the heart of all of their activities; in the field, in the office or on the road.  Teams from across Ervia certainly engaged with us at what were highly interactive and lively events.  To quote some participants: “I’ve been to so many safety training sessions over the years and this was certainly the best”; “It made me think a lot about my team and how I can ensure they are safe”.


Just Safety Culture

March 2016

March saw the delivery of a new behavioural safety workshop exploring Just Culture which focused on creating an environment of trust and communication; balancing safety and accountability. Inspired by the work of Sidney Dekker this programme was delivered to Scotrail managers using a bespoke theatre scenario developed specifically by AKT Productions.  The workshop highlights the benefits of a fair (just) safety culture and equips managers and supervisors with tools to influence such a culture with their own teams.  This follows similar work for Network Rail on Fair Culture and also Mindfulness in Safety, which used interactive theatre-based methods to explore the key characteristics of a high reliability organisation.


‘Deepwater’ Safety Event Debuts in Ireland

January 2016

Often the causes of major incidents are clearly revealed only after the event.  In this hard-hitting dramatisation we ask what can be learned from events surrounding the Deepwater Horizon disaster on April 20th 2010 when untold damage was done and eleven men lost their lives.  Following successful programmes in the UK and the US, Annette is proud to bring ‘Deepwater’ to Ireland for the first time as part of ESB Generation and Wholesale Markets Safety Conference in January 2016.  This dramatisation explores risk, reputation and leadership impact.  For more information on ‘Deepwater’ contact Annette directly.