Inclusive Workplaces

Promote an inclusive & positive workplace

Theatre supports a culture that works for everyone

Bringing organisations to life, theatre is at work to develop and enhance culture and skills. A healthy and productive workplace takes continuous effort and cultivation, and we are here to support you. Scripted scenarios, forum theatre plays and skills practice techniques are used with participants across organisations from leadership through to frontline teams. We enable cultural change in areas like dignity and respect, workforce diversity and team cohesion. We accelerate effectiveness in areas like sales, service and brand engagement.


Promoting Inclusiveness Diversity Dignity Respect Wellness Teamwork

Workshops featuring forum theatre, scripted scenarios or case-studies are developed in partnership with clients and tailored to address specific objectives. Sessions can be created to work independently or delivered as part of an existing programme or event. Participants interact directly with the methods used; together exploring the issues and discovering new approaches to common challenges.

Sessions range from short, intensive workshops that are delivered over a few hours to complete learning journeys that run over one or two-days, or as part of your ongoing programme.  We have designed and delivered sessions at conferences, events, workshops and training programmes for the private, public and voluntary sectors in Ireland and beyond.


Forum Theatre

In forum theatre, actors illustrate a short play or scenario which raises issues and stimulates discussion. Participants also engage directly with the characters to explore their behaviours and understand what motivates them. At higher levels of interaction the group can change the scenario by directing the actors, who adapt the group’s ideas and illustrate the result. Used with ten participants up to several hundred delegates, this process allows groups to observe, reflect with perspective, share views and experiment by applying their ideas in a live and safe environment.