Improve skills for a productive organisation

Theatre creates opportunities to understand and improve personal impact
Our programmes build the skills of sales and service teams with customer-facing responsibilities. Bespoke case-studies and scripted scenarios are tailored specifically for you to meet the development needs of your people, incorporating organisational goals. Workshops are designed to focus on key aspects of communication skills to motivate and improve individual ability, including influencing skills, negotiation skills, advanced questioning and listening, elationship building and brand engagement.
Commercial Skills 7 - Training--Development-Leaders
Commercial Skills 8 - Training--Development-Leaders

Generating Business Service Performance Sales Results

Each workshop is designed to be highly interactive, realistic, and engaging. Staff at all levels of experience can build their confidence and skills to reach the next level of sales expertise or service excellence. We have produced and delivered unique, high-impact programmes for clients in hospitality, pharmaceuticals, property, and education.

Delivered live onsite or online, participants learn and apply theory in a practical way relevant to their roles. We provide a framework based on sound principles drawing references from the work of Thomas Harris, Susan Scott, Roger Fisher, David Maister and Augusto Boal. Our work is tailored to suit client needs and can range from short sessions as part of your existing programme or full learning journeys that we deliver over several workshops.

Commercial Skills 4-Training--Development-Leaders
Commercial Skills 5 --Training--Development-Leaders

Applied Learning

Our programmes create understanding of individual impact and interpersonal skills by enabling participants to build self-awareness and then practice new approaches. A combination of fully scripted theatre pieces, forum theatre and improvised scenarios are used to engage participants and explore best practice. Small group work provides the opportunity to examine specific sales or service interactions under the guidance of our facilitators; enabling participants to understand, reflect, experiment, and apply the learning to their own roles.