Safety Culture

Workshops & Films to Cultivate Safe Behaviours

Theatre gives you the tools to foster a culture of safety
Theatre is at work to explore the human factors involved in workplace safety. Using films and plays as interactive case-studies illustrates how even the smallest action, or inaction, can have the greatest impact when it comes to safety at work. Safety culture themes like responsibility, risk perception and safety interventions are highlighted and discussed in our workshops.


Effective safety management systems are critical in every workplace, however clients tell us that engaging people in the importance of upholding those systems can be difficult. Complacency, rule-breaking or failing to raise a safety concern can all contribute to an unsafe environment. Leadership is also important from safety in design through to supervision. Yet traditional training methods often don’t cultivate the attitudes and behaviours required to develop and sustain a mature safety culture.

Theatre at work’s scripted scenarios and films have been used to engage and improve safety culture for clients in Ireland, the UK, Europe, Asia and the US in sectors including construction, manufacturing, distribution, pharmaceuticals, transport, retail and energy.

Options range from short online workshops or live sessions delivered at a conference to bespoke ongoing programmes designed to meet your specific needs. All safety culture workshops are highly interactive and facilitation is tailored to suit each group and your objectives. We can also produce and script bespoke scenarios for your organisation or industry, captured on film or delivered live in the room.

Theory Behind the Theatre

Our programmes reference key safety culture concepts and tools as appropriate to the programme objectives and resultant design, including thought leadership in safety and psychology. Tools used include the Hearts and Minds Safety Culture model, Transactional Analysis and Push-Pull influencing among others. We reference Daniel Kahneman, Edgar Schien and other contemporary psychologists, along with the work of Andrew Hopkins, Sidney Dekker, James Reason and Weick & Sutcliffe in safety culture.


  • How to take individual responsibility for safety
  • How to intervene, considering intention and impact
  • How to have an effective safety conversation
  • How to stay mindful and aware of risk
  • How to support a mature safety culture
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