How our techniques can work for you

We produce and perform dramatisations which are used as a core element in training programmes or events. Live theatre is high on impact, appealing to all learning styles for maximum engagement. Each play is fully facilitated so participants can engage with the material; exploring resonant lessons through facilitated group discussion and interacting directly with the characters. You can choose from our range of existing plays or we can develop a new bespoke piece for you. Through this medium we challenge thinking, shift mindsets and empower people with the skills they need to put learning into practice.
Theatre Based Techniques

Interactive Plays

Theatre is a powerful medium by which to create awareness and enable understanding. We produce and perform dramatisations which are used as a core element in training programmes or events. Developed and delivered by our team, our approach appeals to all learning styles creating maximum impact and engagement. Each play is interactive so participants can engage directly with the characters and explore events as they unfold through facilitated group discussion. You can choose from our range of existing plays or we can develop a new bespoke piece for you. Theatre at work can overcome a key challenge in changing behaviour and culture; it generates ownership by challenging thinking and shifting mindsets.

Scripted Scenarios

Case-studies are designed to illustrate or mirror your organisational culture, giving participants valuable insights into workplace behaviour, including their own. These scripted scenarios are researched and developed in consultation with you and tailored to address specific objectives or as part of an existing programme. We use an interactive process to involve each group in the scenario through active observation, reflection, strategy development and experimentation. Through practical exploration of key themes, we enable understanding and ownership by illustrating how even the smallest actions, or inaction, can have the greatest impact at work.

Skills Practice

Our workshops present the perfect opportunity to apply learning in a practical way. We employ theory and tools to ground our theatre-based methods and consolidate learning for participants. The use of actors for skills practice is a tried and tested method which can be used in a wide variety of situations, particularly where behaviours or competencies are being enhanced. Our approach to this method is that our actors play the roles so that participants need only be themselves. Individual skills development is enabled through this opportunity to practice and receive expert feedback and coaching from our facilitators.

Digital Techniques

We script and produce bespoke films or video inserts for training programmes or communication platforms. Our skills and experience means we create films which are fresh and memorable tools for sharing key messages or implementing cultural change. Our dramatisations are filmed in studio or on location using broadcast standard equipment. We work with you to create unique, bespoke segments which reflect the culture of your organisation or industry. Our films have been used in sectors including construction, energy, rail and finance.

Film clips and streamed performances are used as the basis of interactive online training which we facilitate. The live nature of our theatre techniques is replicated online so these programmes can offer an engaging and cost-effective alternative for remote workers. Styled in a similar way to our theatre-based plays, our online training presents scenarios and viewpoints in order to explore key attitudes, approaches or skills. Input and discussion from participants are encouraged along with application of learning to roles.
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