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Authentic Leadership
Pressure and stress | Trust through transition | Aligning organisational values | Influencing others
Suitable for leaders and managers in any sector, and at all levels of experience including those new to the role.
Responsibility | Rule-Breaking |Intervention | Culture
Operatives, Supervisors and Managers working in any industry; principal and sub-contractors
Working at Height | Culture | Risk Awareness | Intervention
Operatives, Supervisors and Managers in any industry
The Bridge
Workplace bullying | Assumptions and bias | Culture | Psychosocial risks and responsibility
Suitable for operational and office teams at all levels in any industry.
Ownership of Safety | Risk Awareness | Workplace Stress | Culture
Operatives, Supervisors and Managers in any industry
The Science of Work
Ergonomics | Risk Factors & Perception | Complacency | Reporting
Suitable for all roles in any industry, desk-based and operational
A Way With Words
Safety Coversations | Risk Perception | Intervention | Culture
Groups at all levels of management and operative
Working at Height | Responsibility | Safety Conversations | Culture
Operatives and Supervisors in Construction, Engineering or any Industry
Tenerife 583
Leadership Styles | Team Dynamics & Empowerment | System Failure | Psychological Safety
Suitable for managers and senior leaders in any industry
The Way We Live
Safety Conversations | Risk Perception | Health & Well-being
Operational and office-based teams at all levels, in any industry
Far From Sight
Psychosocial Risks | Communication | Stigma | Culture
Teams at all levels working in construction or any industrial environment
Safety In Mind
Mindfulness of Risk | LOTO | Permits | Safe System of Work
Suitable for operatives and supervisors in any industry
Only Human
Human Error | Hazard Awareness | Permit to Work | Intervention
Operatives and Supervisors working in any industrial environment