Stay With Me

What would you anticipate on your first day at work? That you will get home safely? Our case study is based on the true and tragic story of a young man who lost his life within hours of starting a new job.

The Irish Court held the company accountable for failings in information, instruction, supervision and safety systems. We give participants the opportunity to be jury and judge for themselves.

Statistics tell us that almost half of work-related deaths in Ireland involve vehicles with common issues including proximity and loss of control. This story highlights the risks around moving vehicles, plant and machinery and the potential consequences of failing to take safety seriously.

Complacency | Culture | Accountability | Plant & Vehicles


BARRISTER: I apologise for having to ask this. When did you become aware that the incident had occurred?

PETER: I was in the yard and I heard someone yelling for an ambulance. I believe it was Joe. He sounded desperate. You could tell something bad had happened. I saw people running. I ran too – into the workshop. (HE FALTERS)

BARRISTER: Take your time.

PETER: At first I couldn’t make sense of it. There was a forklift, and something on the ground. A couple of fellas were moving a frame – it was a hydraulic press and at the time I couldn’t understand what it was doing…. Then I saw Eric on the floor. And blood spreading across the concrete….(HE TAKES A DEEP BREATH) I felt like all the breath was knocked out of my body. The image of my boy covered in blood will stay with me forever. As will the pain. Someone was crying. I knelt by Eric and took his hand. I could see…he was in a bad way. He looked frightened. I heard a siren. I kept saying, stay with me Eric. Stay with me…