This programme explores individual perception and considers the influence of organisational culture on attitudes to risk when driving. Applying the psychology of attention and distraction in everyday terms, we raise awareness and understanding of risk-taking behaviours for all road-users.

Inspired by workplace incidents and set in the green energy sector, our story highlights the consequences of distraction. This workshop is interactive and facilitation can be tailored to suit groups at all levels, in any industry.

Risk Perception | Attention & Mindset | Responsibility | Culture


MARK: I’m very sorry for what happened that day. I wish it had never happened. The crash has affected me too.

BARRISTER: I’m sure it has Mr O’Neill.

MARK: Not nearly as much as Declan obviously. But I get flashbacks almost every day and find it hard to concentrate. It’s been a pretty horrible time.

BARRISTER: I understand. Your account of the incident is missing one key factor. Isn’t it? You had received a call from an important client.

MARK: Yes. That’s true. But it was on hands-free, my eyes were always on the road.

BARRISTER: You may think that was the case Mr. O’Neill. However, are you absolutely sure you were fully concentrated on driving and the risks around you?

MARK: I was.

BARRISTER: Is it not possible that this call, combined with the driving conditions was enough to distract you? Even if only for a crucial moment?