The Probation Service of Ireland - Leadership and Management Workshops

The Probation Service

Last year we delivered a bespoke online programme on Effective Communication Skills for The Probation Service of Ireland, and this month we were delighted to be invited back to deliver the programme live at their Haymarket office for their new teams. Communication is at the heart of the important work the agency does and our programme focused on people management and interpersonal skills using the Theatre at Work Effective Conversation Process. Techniques employed included tailored scripted scenarios, forum theatre and skills practice where participants received feedback and coaching on their own style and approach. These interactive sessions bring into sharp focus the skills of influencing others and led to the development of a further programme on Effective Leadership. We are delighted to deliver this new online programme for The Probation Service using bespoke film clips which allow exploration of authentic leadership, bases of power and leading through influence. For more on our programmes for leaders and managers contact us.

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