The Science of Work

This interactive programme is designed to help keep you and your teams safe at work. We give participants the opportunity to consider how each of our actions and conversations can influence safety culture with a particular focus on ergonomics. We explore the principles of ergonomics using dramatised scenarios to highlight the importance of participation at all levels.

Using dramatisation and discussion, the programme raises awareness of key risk factors and the importance of early reporting to keep everyone safe and well. We meet colleagues Sonia and Ian, who tend to down-play ergonomic issues and make assumptions about long-term health which could have significant consequences. Delivered by a team of three, the workshop is interactive, and facilitation can be tailored to suit your groups at management or operative levels, including desk-based and operational roles.

Ergonomics | Risk Factors & Perception | Complacency | Reporting


SONIA: How’s your neck?

IAN: OK. A bit stiff.

SONIA: You need to report that so that the company can help you. And get it treated.

IAN: Oh it’s nothing, it’ll be fine.

SONIA: Why don’t you let someone medically trained make that decision?

IAN: I don’t want a reputation as a whinger.

SONIA: Listen Ian, you know your time onsite should be the safest part of your day. You certainly don’t come to work to hurt yourself do you?