The Bridge

This programme gives you greater understanding of an often challenging issue: workplace bullying.  Designed to stimulate individual awareness at all levels, the workshop will support organisations in dealing with bullying effectively. Through facilitated discussion and live interaction this session brings psychology to life in a three-dimensional way and will challenge your thinking; exploring the human factors and biases often at play. We meet Alan and Michael who are experiencing difficulties at work; each of whom have a very different perspective.

This interactive play is inspired by real events and is based on research into organisational culture and bullying; drawing from the experience of the HSA in occupational psychology. Workshops include facilitated discussion and application of insights to participants own workplaces.

Workplace bullying | Assumptions and bias | Culture | Psychosocial risks and responsibility


ALAN: Recently I have found something else.

TP:  Something else?

ALAN: Anger. Fury. The desire for retaliation. Against him. Against my company. How dare my employer allow me to feel like this? They are culpable. And there is a price that must be paid for what’s been done to me. I have been off work for months and they deserve the hassle of finding a replacement. And I have spoken to a solicitor who says I could have a case against them..

TP: Does that make you feel better?

ALAN: It's better than feeling like a loser.