Based on a real event in construction, this play tells the story of a team of contractors working on an airport terminal extension. Whilst working at high level the method used to place and fix a structural steel girder goes wrong.  The six metre long girder slips from its sling and falls into a public area, injuring two travellers.  The foreman responsible is renowned for his ability to deliver on schedule.

We start after the incident has happened and go back in time to uncover the attitudes and behaviours which contributed to a potentially fatal injury.

Responsibility | Rule-Breaking |Intervention | Culture


LEN: OK, now the designs for this job bear no relation to what we're finding so what we're going to do is hoist the girders and top hang them until we can fabricate a fixing solution at the bottom. Got that?

PAUL: Yes boss. Can I ask something?

LEN: What?

PAUL: Are we talking about the fixings under the existing roof area?

LEN: Obviously.

PAUL: I thought we weren't working there today. We can't work over a live area.

LEN: Not today. But at some point bloody soon we need to complete the work in the South East Corner. Agreed?

MICK: Agreed.

PAUL: Yes, I was just thinking...

LEN: You're not paid to think, you're paid to do what I tell you.

Courtesy of AKT Productions Ltd.