Take Care

Inspired by an Irish incident this practical programme highlights the importance of individual engagement with a safety system, including permit-authorisation and isolations. In a busy and often highly regulated manufacturing environment what prevents a safe system of work from being effective?

This case-study explores the human factors and behaviours that challenge safety culture. Through live interaction, facilitated discussion and practical group work we examine how best to cultivate a positive culture of safety and explore the features of a high reliability organisation.

Delivered by a team of two or three actor-facilitators, the workshop is highly interactive and adapted to your requirements. Elements can include plenary discussion, engagement with the characters and small group work using practical tools to explore human factors and culture. Ultimately participants will focus on their own workplace and consider how insights can be applied in their own roles. Content has been adapted to include contemporary references to Covid-19 working.

Safe System of Work | Positive Safety Culture | Mindfulness of Risk | LOTO | Permit Authorisation


CONOR: I was only going to be in there a minute or so.

PAT: I know. But why didn’t you check that the agitator was locked out? Even if you thought I was doing it, surely you’d check for yourself.


PAT: You can’t have!

CONOR: I thought I’d locked it out. But I locked out the pump disconnect instead. They’re next to each other.

PAT: Conor, you must have done it a hundred times before. Why did you get it wrong this time?

CONOR: I don’t know. I think I was distracted.