Safety In Mind

Inspired by an Irish incident this practical programme highlights the importance of individual engagement with a safety system, including permit-authorisation and isolations. This case-study explores the human factors and behaviours that challenge safety culture, and the importance of staying mindful of risk.

This workshop is highly interactive and adapted to your requirements. It can be tailored for groups at any level including operatives, supervisors, and managers. Elements include plenary discussion and group work using practical tools to explore human factors and culture.

Mindfulness of Risk | LOTO | Permits | Safe System of Work


CON: So you admit you knew I was getting into the tank?

PADRAIG: No I’m not admitting any such thing. But you have done it before.

CON: Everyone has! Sometimes people just need to take a quick look to check what sort of tools they will need. I thought I’d locked it out. But I locked out the pump disconnect instead. They’re next to each other.

PADRAIG: Con, you’ve done it so many times before. Why did you get it wrong this time?

CON: I don’t know. I think I was distracted.

PADRAIG: You’re saying you weren’t paying attention! What was on your mind?