Safety Conversations

This workshop focuses on the importance of incorporating safety into everyday workplace conversations.  We highlight and explore the mindset and skills that will make safety conversations an effective day-to-day dynamic within your culture.

What influences our own mindset and how others see things?  Using an example from within your industry or organisation we illustrate a scenario that focuses on bringing safety into the conversation be it setting people to work, reinforcing positive actions or challenging unsafe behaviours.  Forum theatre will allow the group to examine a conversation with distance and perspective, evaluating for themselves what works and what doesn’t.  Using an example relevant to their world it is designed to resonate with them, and hold a mirror up to their current culture.

At the end of this session the group will be familiar with the ingredients of a good safety conversation and have begun to actively observe, reflect and influence.  In a workshop setting participants have the opportunity to practice and develop their own individual skills.

Intervention | Conversations | Influencing


VAL: When I look back at that day it’s obvious. It always is in hindsight isn’t it? If I hadn’t said this, If I had done that differently. If I had insisted… Because I knew that Pat was under pressure. Or at least he felt under pressure. The equipment breakdown was holding up deliveries and the engineers were having a nightmare fixing the problem. Pat’s brother was under investigation and was far from grateful for the help Pat was giving him. And of course, Pat always knew best. But I could have done better. I should have somehow managed to stop him getting hurt. But you think you’ve said enough don’t you?