In 2008 a runaway chemical reaction occurred at a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Cork. Debris from the explosion was found 150 metres away in what the Health and Safety Authority described as the worst accident in the history of the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland. Two operators were severely injured, one of whom subsequently lost their life.

Our hard-hitting dramatised workshop explores the importance of vigilance in a busy manufacturing environment and the inherent risk in believing you are safe. How safe is your industry?

Delivered by a team of three, this interactive workshop allows exploration of key themes and facilitation can be tailored to suit your groups at management or operative levels. Elements include plenary discussion, small group work and application to roles.

Duty of Care | Responsibility | Chronic Unease | Process Safety


BRIAN: What was it like for you that morning?

ALANA: It was like a waking nightmare. The explosion happened around 1.20 am. It didn’t take the fire brigade long to get there. I was trying to keep calm. I was supposed to be in charge, but to be honest I was all over the place. The scale of destruction was unbelievable. And we knew there was this vapour cloud….