Our case-study is the tragic and true story of a horrific death on-board an oil rig. A man is being hoisted in a harness toward the mouse-hole, a trapdoor in the deck of a rig, when his harness slips. A radio fails, a crane operator works blindly and a man dies. We start after the incident has happened and go back in time to uncover the behaviour and culture which contributed to a fatality.

This two hour session is delivered by a team of three and can be played in any venue. Facilitation includes common themes of personal responsibility, culture, risk taking and intervention. The workshop is suitable for operatives, supervisors and junior managers in any industry.

Working at Height | Culture | Risk Awareness | Intervention


JOHN-PAUL: Stevie was almost at the hatch when his harness slipped. He should have been coming up vertically but he'd slipped so that he was horizontal to the hole. I shouted 'Stop', into my radio, but nothing happened. The winch kept pulling Stevie towards the hole. I yelled but the radio....the bloody radio was dead! It wasn't charged or something but.......I ran to the PA and punched the button, screaming for the winch to stop, but it records what you say! So it took seconds - not many but it took seconds and before the winchman heard me screaming to stop, Stevie had been pulled through the hole. (pause) I saw it. His spine was pulled through his body. I killed him.

Courtesy of AKT Productions Ltd.