Managing Performance

This performance management programme is a two-day workshop aimed at raising organisational performance through effective management practices and meaningful communication between managers and their reports. This workshop uses our theatre-based approach to create an engaging, interactive and highly practical learning experience for participants.

Day one uses a range of techniques including a bespoke fully scripted theatre scenario designed to highlight key cultural and leadership aspects from within your organisation to enable discussion and new insights. Small group work is also used to allow exploration of effective management tools and techniques with a focus on performance conversations. Day two allows individual skills practice and coaching for each manager, encouraging application of best practice techniques in keeping with participant’s own styles. The focus is on raising performance through conversations which become a day-to-day dynamic to highlight good performance, manage poor performance and support the implementation of your people management process.

In-room and online versions available

Performance | Conversations | Influencing


• Regular and more frequent conversations between leaders and their reports

• Managers actively seek to put time into having conversations

• People are receiving feedback regularly not just at formal reviews

• Managers engage in dialogue rather than being directive

• Enable management to align individual team performance with organisational goals