Leadership 2020

Increasingly leaders face pressure to facilitate their organisations through continuous change.  Transforming and up-dating management styles is critical to building an organisation capable of operating and innovating in a contemporary environment. This scenario explores current organisational trends and resultant challenges to leadership.  Through forum theatre we follow a day in the life of two leaders working in a large organisation, exploring the behavioural competencies required to enable good leadership fit for the future.

We identify some of the typical challenges faced by leaders in any organisation and explore the key aptitudes, competencies and behaviours required to manage and lead effectively.  Topics covered include the need for flexibility, leading through influence not hierarchy, enabling autonomy or collaboration and catering for individualisation of the work-force.

Change | Flexibility | Influencing


TERRY: I am on top of things.

FRAN: Do you really think so? Shifting deliverables, late reports and now key players choosing to risk their career rather than stay and work for you. To be honest, it does raise serious questions.

TERRY: That's unfair. You know that managing a project team of this size over several regions is not the easiest thing. What with local culture, individual needs... honestly they see things so differently there just isn't enough time in the day.

FRAN: Indeed. (Sarcastic) If only they provided us with robots.

TERRY: They ask for direction, so I take the time to spell out requirements, check details, whatever they need. Then they complain they want more autonomy. I mean for goodness sake where does that leave me? What is my actual role? I just don't know any more.

FRAN: Terry, are you having a mid-life crisis?

TERRY: What...?

FRAN: You are a senior manager in this organisation, and of course that brings its own challenges even without the incredible pace of change. Leading people has never been easy.

TERRY: All due respect Fran, it doesn't take a genius to work that out.