Heart of Business

This play follows the experience of frontline service agent Christine and the challenges she faces in interactions with customers.  Christine does her best to uphold company values and, during the course of a difficult encounter, strives to work within her remit and ability.

This session explores the challenges in bringing brand values to life and meeting customer expectations each day; highlighting the attitude and skills required to deliver consistently great service.  In a workshop setting skills practice enables your teams to develop and enhance individual skills to attract, retain and develop custom.

Customer Experience | Brand Values | Ownership


MARTIN: Okay, is it still there? The form. The contract. Is it still there?

CHRISTINE: Well yes. Yes it is, as a matter of fact.

MARTIN: Okay, let me ask another question. Has it just sat there since I left? No one has entered the information onto a computer system or anything?

CHRISTINE: No, the data entry team works in the evening.

MARTIN: Right. So, my 'contract' is, at present, not quite 'live', at least not until data entry get here.

CHRISTINE: Ah! I see where you're going with this.


CHRISTINE: But unfortunately as soon as both parties sign the paperwork then a legal agreement has been entered into and to alter or to so say the terms...

MARTIN: Listen. Would it be possible to fill out another form, sorry contract?

CHRISTINE: You want to sign up again?

MARTIN: Yes. I want to sign up again.

CHRISTINE: But your first contract hasn't elapsed. It doesn't make sense.

MARTIN: No, I would like to fill out a new one with the dates I should have written on it. And then you can just replace the earlier one with this 'new' one, yes?

CHRISTINE: Just, what? Tear it up?

MARTIN: Good idea, yes please.

CHRISTINE: Do you know the penalty for that kind of thing?

MARTIN: It's a piece of paper!!

CHRISTINE: It's a legally binding contract, the terms of which cannot be altered...

MARTIN: This is ridiculous. I'm a customer! Doesn't that mean anything round here?

CHRISTINE: Yes you are. And a highly valued one. All our customers are...

MARTIN: Don't tell me. I'm at the heart of your business right?