Follow The Leader

This play highlights the pressures of a target-driven sales environment and illustrates the impact team dynamics can have on performance.  Set in the pharmaceutical sector, themes explored can be translated to any sales environment and the session is suitable for sales managers, sales representatives and marketers.

Related to your own workplace, facilitated discussion enables teams to consider strategic, practical engagement strategies and ensure resources are aligned.  In a workshop setting interpersonal and influencing skills are highlighted and skills practice enables your teams to develop and enhance individual skills.

Influencing | Pressure | Team Cohesion


TARA: By so severely limiting the field, we potentially minimise sales. That's my point. And marketing keep telling us that launch success is everything, that there's only a small window initially, so why risk it?

JOE: I'm aware of the window of opportunity Tara. But in this case, I don't agree. There's research which shows that focusing on niche areas increases long term returns by a factor of between 10 and 12. I can show you the figures if you want.

TIM: Please don't hit us with the spreadsheets. Bore us into submission.

JOE: Look, however you may choose to feel about it, that's the marketing plan that has been devised. And it's a good plan.

TARA: Maybe in your view. But I'm not convinced.

JOE: And of course that's what I'm here to do. Convince you!

TIM: I can tell you now i'm going to feel swamped by the targets and hamstrung by the limited field. (He looks to Tara for affirmation that they're on the same page. She nods)

JOE: Well then we need to find a way to make you less swamped and less hamstrung. Because you have to find a way to sign up for this. And with gusto.

TIM: Oh thanks a million. I have to find a way to make...

JOE: I said we. We have to find a way. All of us.