Final Push

There is a final push to hand over phase one of the build to the client and time is running away from the team. They are each hard-working and well-intentioned, but unfortunately this isn’t enough to protect them as events spiral out of control.

Developed in consultation with construction sector clients, this case-study explores key topics for safe supervision including clear communication, planning, setting to work and the importance of cultivating safe behaviours by example. The story also encourages dialogue on dignity, respect and equality for all on site.

Supervision | Responsibility | Dignity & Respect


TONY: The longer you stand around here arguing the toss the less likely you are to get a break.

RYAN: So what are we doing?

TONY: Go over to building 2. Top floor. First of all make sure the area is clear because there’s been a lot of activity and there’s been all sorts of junk left. So just do a bit of housekeeping. But what you need to get done this afternoon is this. Are you listening?

RYAN: Yes I’m listening!

TONY: Someone has removed the temporary lift shaft door and taken it away. And left a void. Which isn’t very clever. But the lift engineers are due any time soon. So I need you to go and make a temporary barrier using scaff tubes. OK?

ALEX: So we’ll find a void and a shaft when we get there?

TONY: Yes. So it goes without saying – don’t fall down the shaft or I’ll have far too much paperwork to do.

RYAN: You’re all heart Tony.

TONY: You know what’s needed?

ALEX: Two uprights and three horizontal tubes to cover the void.

RYAN: Shouldn’t you have a scaffolding team do it?

TONY: It’s not a structure is it? Nobody is standing on it. It’s just a way of making it obvious that there’s a void there so nobody could accidentally fall down it. Stick a sign on it saying ‘caution hole below’ or ‘danger risk of falling’. Whatever you can find.

ALEX: Are you coming to inspect it?

TONY: I will but I have a delivery of stillages to supervise. It’ll take me an hour or so.

RYAN: See you later then.

TONY: Don’t let me down, lads.