Far From Sight

According to the Samaritans construction workers are six times more likely to die from suicide than a fall from height. This workshop explores the risk factors associated with mental health and challenges stigmas which may exist. Participants have the opportunity to understand and spot early signs that someone needs help, such as prolonged depression, excessive fears, social withdrawal or substance abuse.

Delivered by a team of two or three, the session can be staged in any size venue. At 1-1.5 hour duration it is designed to be accessible and easy to incorporate into site meetings or existing programmes.

Psychosocial Risks | Communication | Stigma | Culture


DANNY: I don’t know, I just…. (PAUSE) I’m not myself.



ALEX: (TRIES TO BE SENSITIVE) If you’re not yourself, what are you going to do about it?

DANNY: What can I do?

ALEX: I don’t know – go to the doctor?

DANNY: What could he do? Prescribe me some happy pills?

ALEX: Probably. Mind you – it would help if you cheered up!

DANNY: (UNAMUSED) I don’t want to be doped up on drugs.

ALEX: No. It wouldn’t mix well with construction working. But what….what kicked this all off? We’ve been working together for a while. It’s only recently you’ve been a miserable pain.

DANNY: (GOES TO LEAVE) Just leave it.

ALEX: Well, before we go out there. When we were working on that level 8 slab, you clipped your lanyard on but if you’d fallen the lanyard was too long! You’d have hit the mezzanine level below.

DANNY: (FURIOUSLY) Why are you always on my back?? Leave me alone and mind your own.