Authentic Leadership

Increasingly leaders face pressure to facilitate their organisations through continuous change. Transforming and up-dating management styles is critical to building an organisation capable of operating and innovating in a contemporary environment, dealing with challenges along the way. This programme explores current organisational trends and resulting challenges to leadership.

Competencies explored include the need to be flexible to meet changing or uncertain market needs. We also examine how authenticity enables leading through influence instead of authority, with less hierarchy and including remote locations. We examine how to enable autonomy and collaboration between departments or regions and cater for individualisation of the workforce.

On this two-day programme we use a blend of interactive approaches to engage and challenge participants. Through forum theatre we follow a day in the life of two leaders working in a large organisation, exploring the behavioural competencies required to enable authentic leadership that engenders trust and creates effective teams. Participants will learn about their own style through the Strength Deployment Inventory SDI© analysis tool and have an opportunity to practice their skills.

In-room and online versions available

Pressure and stress | Trust through transition | Aligning organisational values | Influencing others


• Authentic leadership in a changing environment

• How personal values align with organisational values

• Leading through influence instead of authority

• Leadership style: deploying your strengths

• The shadow of a leader