A Way With Words

How can each person influence safety culture? This workshop highlights the importance of safety conversations as a day-to-day dynamic within your organisation. We explore the attitudes and approaches that will enable culture change, one safety conversation at a time.

Set in a busy packaging and distribution environment within a manufacturing facility, our interactive story uses a process of forum theatre to raise awareness and stimulate discussion. The qualities of an effective safety conversation are highlighted, along with the potential consequences of getting it wrong. The scenario also refers to the psychology of safety and we explore perceptions and biases from both sides of the conversation.

Each workshop can be designed to suit your groups at management or operative levels and content includes contemporary cultural references.

Safety Coversations | Risk Perception | Intervention | Culture


Encourage safe behaviour by influencing others through selfawareness and using a coaching mindset

• Address unsafe actions through intervening and creating an environment where raising safety concerns is accepted and expected

• Gain insights into the psychology of safety with a specific focus on conversations

• Apply skills to your own roles and learn how to improve your approach