This programme explores individual perception and considers the influence of organisational culture on attitudes to risk when driving. Applying the psychology of attention and distraction in everyday terms, we raise awareness and understanding of risk-taking behaviours for all road-users. Inspired by workplace incidents and set in the green energy sector, our story highlights the consequences […]

The Third Degree


This dramatisation explores a culture of safety in the fast-paced hospitality sector. Inspired by a real incident, this story illustrates how even the smallest action, or inaction, can have the greatest impact when it comes to keeping colleagues safe. Our team of employees and agency staff do their best to ensure a quality service for […]

Final Push


There is a final push to hand over phase one of the build to the client and time is running away from the team. They are each hard-working and well-intentioned, but unfortunately this isn’t enough to protect them as events spiral out of control. Developed in consultation with construction sector clients, this case-study explores key […]


Runaway - Cork Pharmaceutical Plant Explosion 2008

In 2008 a runaway chemical reaction occurred at a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Cork. Debris from the explosion was found 150 metres away in what the Health and Safety Authority described as the worst accident in the history of the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland. Our hard-hitting dramatised workshop explores the importance of vigilance in a […]

The Science of Work

The Science of Work -Main-Image-Culture-Training-Workshop

This interactive programme is designed to help keep you and your teams safe at work. We give participants the opportunity to consider how each of our actions and conversations can influence safety culture with a particular focus on ergonomics. We explore the principles of ergonomics using dramatised scenarios to highlight the importance of participation at […]

Tenerife 583

Tenerife 538-Main-Image 5-Safety-Training-Workshop

The number of people who lost their lives in the deadliest aviation disaster in history is 583. On the 27th of March 1977, a Pan Am Boeing 747 from the USA and a KLM 747 from Amsterdam collided on the runway at Los Rodeos Airport on the Spanish island of Tenerife. In unanticipated and pressurised […]

Safety In Mind

Safety In MInd-Main-Image-Safety-Training-Workshop

Inspired by an Irish incident this practical programme highlights the importance of individual engagement with a safety system, including permit-authorisation and isolations. This case-study explores the human factors and behaviours that challenge safety culture, and the importance of staying mindful of risk. This workshop is highly interactive and adapted to your requirements. It can be […]

A Way With Words

How can each person influence safety culture? This workshop highlights the importance of safety conversations as a day-to-day dynamic within your organisation. We explore the attitudes and approaches that will enable culture change, one safety conversation at a time. Set in a busy packaging and distribution environment within a manufacturing facility, our interactive story uses […]

Stay With Me

Stay With Me - Safety Management Workshop - Blank

What would you anticipate on your first day at work? That you will get home safely? Our case study is based on the true and tragic story of a young man who lost his life within hours of starting a new job. The Irish Court held the company accountable for failings in information, instruction, supervision […]


Inspired by an Irish incident our case-study explores how failings in judgement, and failure to uphold a safe system of work, can lead to a workplace fatality. We meet an operative Brendan and his manager Kevin, both of whom are hard-working and well-intentioned. Yet through their actions, and inaction, play key roles in events that […]