The Way We Live

Safety Themes:
Safety Conversations, Risk Perception, Health & Well-being

Suitable For:
Operational and office-based teams at all levels, in any industry

What sort of person saves lives?  Richie tries to be that person.  A tragedy which befell him and his wife Marie changed forever the way they live their lives.  Every action is scrutinised, every risk identified and every method challenged - at home and at work. This is safety evangelism of the highest order, but in this case it comes with a cost.

Zero tolerance of risk is commendable in any environment; home, office or site. However it can be difficult to implement and a poorly considered approach may prove less than effective.  When a colleague offers to help Richie and Marie move house the scene is set for a series of difficult encounters and dramatic discoveries.

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RICHIE:  We're not having a go at you Stuart, but you know how much emphasis we put on safety at work?  Marie and I do the same at home.

STUART:  (Laughing) Do you have 'stop' cards?

MARIE:  More or less.  We don't tolerate anything we see as potentially unsafe.

STUART:  I think you can take this too far.  If you got obsessed about the lurking danger from household items, you'd never get out of bed.

RICHIE:  We're not obsessed Stuart, but we do ask ourselves - is there a potential hazard here?

STUART:  But you can't eliminate danger!  I mean electricity is dangerous but you still use it!

RICHIE:  With care.

STUART:  Do you wear rubber boots and stand on a rubber mat when you plug your toaster in?

Courtesy of AKT Productions Ltd.