Only Human

Safety Themes:
Human Error, Supervision, Intervention, Culture

Suitable For:
Operatives and Supervisors working in any industrial environment

It is Friday morning and it's been a long and tiring week. When TJ and Dave arrive at the site where they are to start work, they discover that the work plan bears little relation to reality.  They have a choice - stop work and wait until Monday when their Supervisor will be present, or find a way to get the job done.

Conscious that another team is waiting for them to prepare the site, they make the decision to go ahead.  They even do a risk assessment - of a sort.  TJ and Dave are experienced, skilled and aware of hazards.  So what could possibly go wrong?

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TJ: Scaff and ladders inspected?  Did you inspect that this was actually a ladder David?

DAVE: Don't mess about TJ.


DAVE: Do you want to share your thinking with me?

TJ: I'm just thinking are those cables definitely not live?

DAVE: Look they wouldn't have asked us to work that close to live cables, would they?

TJ: No.

DAVE: What are the risks?

TJ: Fall from height?

DAVE: And you're going to be on a step ladder with me at the bottom so we've thought about that.  Anything else?

TJ: Flying objects, chips of concrete?

DAVE: We'll both have safety glasses, so stick that over the page for control measures.

TJ: Ok. Happy?

DAVE: Delirious.

Courtesy of AKT Productions Ltd.