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Farm Safety Programme

Our farm safety initiative, ‘The Clock is Ticking,’ made a powerful impact once again this week, driving awareness and sparking safety discussions within the farming community. Championed by Orlaith Tynan, Billy Cronin, the team at Dairygold Co-Operative Society Ltd and delivered by our dedicated and talented team, we conducted an engaging and interactive workshop, reinforcing the significance of safety on farms. Farm Safety Week, a vital initiative led by the Irish Farmers Association and supported by Teagasc, aims to reduce farm incidents and foster safer practices. The need for such initiatives becomes evident when considering that there have been seven fatalities in Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing sectors in 2023 so far, with Crop and Animal Production remaining among the most dangerous professions in Ireland. The programme was originally created with the support of Safe Farm EIP and ICOS, and we are committed to to expanding its impact across the nation, promoting farm safety at the grassroots level. Our collective mission is to create a safer environment for the farming community and protect the lives of those who work tirelessly to sustain our nation’s agricultural heritage.

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