Annette Tierney

Annette Tierney is a specialist in the field of theatre-based learning. Since 2000 she has been using theatre techniques to create transformative learning events for organisations in the corporate, public and voluntary sectors. Now based in Ireland, Annette has produced and facilitated learning events in Europe, Asia and the US using theatre and film as tools for learning and communication. She has worked with clients in a range of sectors including health, pharmaceuticals, utilities, construction, transport, manufacturing, distribution, hospitality, financial services and energy.

A marketing graduate and currently a student of psychology, Annette spent a decade working in the pharmaceutical sector before a change in direction saw her train and work as an actor in Irish theatre and television. Alongside this work, she studied in New York with the originators of the 'forum theatre' method and used her combined experience to develop a performance-based approach to organisational development and culture change. In association with the National University of Ireland, Annette has delivered theatre-based elements for conferences and contributed to published case-studies on business applications of the techniques. She has also developed and facilitated public forum theatre performances and tutored on theatre-based methodologies. In the voluntary sector Annette has applied theatre-based learning to community projects in areas like social inclusion and addiction rehabilitation.

Annette designs and facilitates workshops both for her own clients and as an associate of learning and development organisations. Having spent two years working in London with AKT Productions Ltd., specialists in behavioural safety, she remains their associate and offers their theatre-based programmes in Ireland.

Associate Team

Associate team members work with Annette in the development and delivery of programmes in Ireland and beyond. The team of writers, performers and facilitators have backgrounds in industry, the arts, psychology, and learning and development. Their skills range from facilitation, script-writing, stage direction, acting, performance and improvisation. Each member of the team is a specialist in their own right with training and experience in their chosen discipline. Associates are assigned to each project based on their skills and experience in the subject matter and they take great pride in representing events, views and human factors authentically. Their experience ranges from two to twenty years, working with clients in Ireland, the UK and internationally.

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