EPA Behavioural Safety Programme

October 2017

This month we are very pleased to deliver a safety programme for the Environmental Protection Agency.  With workshops taking place at regional locations around the country, everyone from field staff to senior leadership will have the opportunity to consider their role in influencing safety culture at work.  Theatre at Work established safety plays 'Overloaded' and 'Deepwater' will form the basis of each workshop and groups can apply resonant lessons from these incidents to their own working environment.

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Veolia Bespoke Programme Development

August 2017

Following an event delivered for Veolia Ireland earlier this year, we are delighted that the company has commissioned their own bespoke safety programmes to foster an integrated approach to managing safety and risk.  Currently in the works are programmes to engage all staff in their cultural vision and to facilitate the development of safety conversations skills.  We kick off in London next month with a series of workshops for their environmental services division, delivered with the support of our UK associates AKT Productions.  If you seek assistance in engaging staff in your cultural vision, get in touch to learn how we can help.

'Fallout' Safety Programme Launch

June 2017

We are pleased to launch a new safety play which focuses on key themes and issues particularly relevant to contruction and engineering contractors.  Based on a real incident which happened in Ireland working at height, 'Fallout' explores some of the human factors that influence a culture of safety on site including effective planning, contractor dynamics and safety conversations.  Highly engaging and interactive, the official launch of this piece took place at the Irish Wind Energy Association Safety Conference in Naas on June 7th and we were delighted to be part of the conference.

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Tesco Stores Safety Programme Launch

April 2017

This year client Tesco Ireland commissioned their own, bespoke workshop to explore behavioural safety in their stores and we're delighted that this month the programme was launched to store managers from all over Ireland.  Designed to support store teams in their ongoing work keeping staff and customers safe 'Under One Roof' was written specifically to illustrate the retail store environment and the workshop used our interactive methods to explore themes of responsibility, intervention and safety culture.  These initial events coincided with the launch of Tesco's own safety culture model and more workshops are planned for store staff around the country.  Pictured are actors Dylan, Jemma and Paul who brought the interactive play to life.

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Dublin Site Safety Programme

February 2017

This month saw the beginning of a series of workshops delivered for construction company J.J.Rhatigan who are leading the way in site safety. The programme is designed to challenge the attitudes and mindsets of their teams and contractors and ensure everyone knows they have a part to play in influencing a culture of safety.  Theatre at Work favourite 'The Mousehole' was delivered to over 120 site staff at Project Trinity in Dublin and further sites will experience the programme in the months ahead.

Morning Ireland RTE Radio 1 Features Theatre at Work

December 2016

Morning Ireland chose to feature our work in safety on their programme on December 12th.  Their reporter Justin McCarthy highlighted the incidence of workplace fatalities in Ireland and the use of our methods to educate workers.  Listen to the programme segment below.  Theatre at work can overcome a key change in culture change; it enables buy-in to the benefits of safe practices by generating understanding of why they are important and gives participants valuable insights into workplace behaviour, including their own.


Construction Industry Federation 'Terminal' Programme Launch

November 2016

We are delighted to work with the Construction Industry Federation on the launch of a unique behavioural safety programme for the Irish construction industry.  'Terminal' is an interactive safety play based on a true story which explores responsibility, rules, intervention and the human factors that can influence a culture of safety on-site.  The story illustrates a major incident during the construction of an airport terminal extension, when both principal and sub-contractors were under pressure to get the job done.  The event takes place on November 23rd in Dublin and is funded by the Contruction SME Skillnet Training Network.  For more information get in touch with us or contact the CIF of the Construction SME Skillnet.

'Overloaded' Safety Programme Launch

October 2016

Following months of development we're pleased to launch our first safety play inspired by an Irish workplace incident.  'Overloaded' illustrates the influence pressure and workplace stress can have on risk awareness, exploring how failings in judgement and failing to maintain a safe system of work can lead to a workplace fatality.  Through live interaction and facilitated discussion we see what can be learned from this story; exploring how factors line up, behaviours merge and signals are missed leading to tragic consequences for a hard-working family man.  The launch event is hosted by Engineers Ireland to mark European Health and Safety Week 2016 and takes place on October 26th.  If you'd like to attend please get in touch.

Pharmaceutical Sales Call Quality

September 2016

This month we had the pleasure of working with Ashfield Healthcare and our old friends and colleagues at GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals at a learning event aimed at developing the skills of their sales teams.  Using our experience working in the pharmaceutical industry, our actors brought patients young and old to life, illustrating symptoms, emotions and typical patient behaviours in interactions with doctors and practice nurses.  This innovative learning event delivered by Ashfield Healthcare provided a forum for GSK sales teams to explore patient behaviours and gain new insights into the needs of healthcare professionals.  For more information on how we can support similar events please get in touch.

Ervia 'Work Safe Home Safe'

July 2016

This month sees the completion of a series of behavioural safety events delivered for client Ervia marking the launch of their 'Work Safe Home Safe' strategy which sets out their vision for health, safety and well-being across Irish Water and Gas Networks Ireland.  Our workshops were rolled out nationwide, engaging over 1,300 staff in this vision which puts safety at the heart of all of their activities; in the field, in the office or on the road.  Teams from across Ervia certainly engaged with us at what were highly interactive and lively events.  To quote some participants: "I've been to so many safety training sessions over the years and this was certainly the best"; "It made me think a lot about my team and how I can ensure they are safe".

Just Safety Culture

March 2016

March saw the delivery of a new behavioural safety workshop exploring Just Culture which focused on creating an environment of trust and communication; balancing safety and accountability. Inspired by the work of Sidney Dekker this programme was delivered to Scotrail managers using a bespoke theatre scenario developed specifically by AKT Productions.  The workshop highlights the benefits of a fair (just) safety culture and equips managers and supervisors with tools to influence such a culture with their own teams.  This follows similar work for Network Rail on Fair Culture and also Mindfulness in Safety, which used interactive theatre-based methods to explore the key characteristics of a high reliability organisation.

'Deepwater' Safety Event Debuts in Ireland

January 2016

Often the causes of major incidents are clearly revealed only after the event.  In this hard-hitting dramatisation we ask what can be learned from events surrounding the Deepwater Horizon disaster on April 20th 2010 when untold damage was done and eleven men lost their lives.  Following successful programmes in the UK and the US, Annette is proud to bring 'Deepwater' to Ireland for the first time as part of ESB Generation and Wholesale Markets Safety Conference in January 2016.  This dramatisation explores risk, reputation and leadership impact.  For more information on 'Deepwater' contact Annette directly.