Theatre is at work changing organisational culture.

Theatre at work overcomes one of the key challenges in changing behaviour and workplace culture; it generates ownership through awareness and shared understanding.  Through theatre-based techniques, the learning and development process becomes interactive and exciting.  We use a range of highly engaging plays in workshops, conferences and learning events.  These plays resonate with each audience because they use relevant material that reflects their world and facilitation is designed to challenge their thinking. 

Everyone has the right to go home safe from work every day, yet workplace incidents still happen. Creating and sustaining a culture of safety takes continuous effort and our behaviour-based safety plays and programmes can support you.

To highlight common business challenges and enable skills enhancement at all levels of your organisation, we have developed a suite of scripted scenarios for theatre-based workshops and programmes.

Latest News

Veolia Bespoke Programme Development - August 2017

Following an event delivered for Veolia Ireland earlier this year, we are delighted that the company has commissioned their own bespoke safety programmes to foster an integrated approach to managing safety and risk.  Currently in the works are programmes to engage all staff in their cultural vision and to facilitate the development of safety conversations skills.  We kick off in London next month with a series of workshops for their environmental services division, delivered with the support of our UK associates AKT Productions.  If you seek assistance in engaging staff in your cultural vision, get in touch to learn how we can help. 

Theatre at work can overcome a key challenge in culture change; it enables buy-in to the benefits of safe practices by generating understanding of why they are important and gives participants valuable insights into workplace behaviour, including their own.